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Elevate your ActionKit experience with Stratosphere.

Stratosphere by Third Bear Solutions helps you see, strategize, and act upon the data in your ActionKit database.

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Stratosphere lets you focus on solving problems, not scraping together data. It is designed to let non-SQL experts explore, narrow in on, and use actionable data and intelligence, while providing “expert mode” options for data professionals.

What's included

Drill down with oodles of built-in dashboards

Spot gaps and opportunities, and monitor toplines for your fundraising, mailings, and activism.

Compose, browse, and use your query reports

No spreadsheets needed — build a query once, then browse through user-friendly results to learn about your data.

Segment your list for high-level views & insights

Build, monitor, and compare groupings for your donors, A/B test groups, acquisition cohorts, or engagement tiers.

See your members as people

Get a whole picture of an individual member‘s activity stream, giving history, and petition comments — so you don't get lost in numbers at scale.

How it works

  • All plans are month-to-month with no contracts and no upfront commitment.
  • No complicated setup — just plug in API credentials and get started!
  • Your data is your own — everything stays in your ActionKit database. You‘re not storing your data in our system, so no lock-in.
A screenshot of the fundraising dashboard A screenshot of the actions dashboard A screenshot of the specific page dashboard

Oodles of dashboards

With at-a-glance views of all your fundraising, mailings, & activism toplines, Stratosphere distills thousands of the ActionKit reports that we've built over the years for dozens of clients.

Surface hard-to-spot opportunities & problems like members you haven't mailed in a while, new high-dollar donors, and actions picking up steam.

Drill down into any topline to browse through the row-level details. Target a new draft mailing with one click, or export a subset's phones & addresses for outreach through other channels.

A screenshot of a browseable report

Browse your reports

Stratosphere smooths the rough edges of ActionKit's tremendously powerful reporting system.

Build a query once, then reuse it for mail targeting, total counts, pie chart summaries, and more.

Plus — no more downloading spreadsheets when you hit 10,000 rows. Browse through sortable, filterable, paginated results — with handy tooltip previews and click-through links to all your users, pages, and mailings.

A list of segments

Build and compare segments

Segmentation shouldn't just be for mailings.

Identify slices of your list that you want to browse, track, and compare — anything from donor tiers and acquisition cohorts to treatment vs control groups.

View your segments‘ engagement stats and compare them to one another & to your list overall.

And plug your segments into the rest of Stratosphere to get per-group dashboards for your fundraising, mailings, and activism.

A user timeline A user donor view

See your members as people

Stratosphere's user screen centralizes all your rich per-member data so that you can see your members as individuals without digging through reports.

See what they‘re seeing with a timeline of all your touchpoints, and get a full picture of their donation history — with tandem contributions separated out.

We also bring ScorePool front-and-center so you know how ActionKit thinks your own recent per-person engagement compares with the rest of their client pool.


The Standard Plan: $139 per month

  • Everything listed above!
  • Unlimited team members
  • Up to six custom segments (plus built-in segments for nine standard mailbox providers)

The Hefty Plan: $449 per month

  • Everything in the standard plan, plus…
  • Unlimited custom segments
  • Suitable for larger datasets with drop-in OLAP

Stratosphere is built by Third Bear Solutions, a leading provider of ActionKit services since 2010.

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